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The Virtual Reality Recovery Platform

Gamify your Recovery

Using virtual reality and motion tracking bands, we enhance your exercise plan with fun and engaging simulations.

Track your Recovery

Use our iOS app to keep track of pain levels and symptoms as you progress along your recovery plan. Your physiotherapist can use this data to help tailor your recovery to your preferences and needs.

Learn how to do your exercises

Use our iOS app to watch videos of exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist and learn how to properly and safely do them.

Our Story

re+imagining recovery

reBoost started as a simple idea: use technology to aid physiotherapy. Over 8 weeks of rapid iteration, surveys and market research, we arrived at a solution to the problem of exercise adherence. Using simulated environments, we provide an interactive and immersive recovery experience. We use virtual reality to enhance your recovery experience, making exercise a fun and engaging activity.


Aareet Shermon

Lead Engineer

Charlotte Caron

Partner Relations

Chelsea Scheffel


David Deng

Business Development

Jessica Lieuson

VR/UI Designer

Miroslav Suzara

Product Management

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